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Polymorphism Influences in Obese Patients Consuming Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Course #: 010-841

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Course Description

Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) - Provider #21328, Activity #148123 approved for 1.50 CPEUs.

CPEU Course Description

An obesogenic environment has an overriding importance in the development of obesity, however, genetic susceptibility also plays a critical role.  This CPEU course investigates the effect of the PPARG2 Pro12Ala and IL6 - 174G > C polymorphisms on body weight, body composition, and metabolic parameters after a 12-week nutritional intervention with a traditional Brazilian diet and extra virgin olive oil supplementation in severely obese patients.

Brooke H. Dekofsky, MPH, RD, CLE, CDE was involved in the creation of this course.

Article Author:  Ana Paula Santos Rodrigues, Msc, et al.

Exam writer: Tiev LaGuire, M.S.


CPEU Course Objectives

  1. Explain what has been shown by nutrigenomic studies with short-term and sustained olive oil consumption.
  2. Examine what the PPARG2 gene controls.
  3. Elucidate what Ala carriers that consumed extra virgin olive oil had a greater reduction in compared to ProPro homozygotes.

CPE Level: II

Learning Codes: 2010, 2070, 2100, 5370

Performance Indicators (RDN): 8.1, 8.1.2 , 8.1.3 , 8.1.5

Performance Indicators (NTDR): 8.1, 8.1.2 , 8.1.3 , 8.3.6

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