About Dietitian CE

Dietitian CE is a premier CPEU provider for registered dietitians and nutritionists. Our organization is made up of the following CPEU professionals:

Tiev LaGuire, M.S.

Tiev holds a Masters degree in Nutritional Science from Cal Poly State University. She is a current lecturer at Cal Poly as well as a private tutor for undergraduate students in chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry and nutrient metabolism.

Carol Lowell

Carol has a Master's Degree in chemistry and has been teaching at Cal Poly State University for over 27 years. Carol has written manuals, developed courses and presentations, and collaborated with private sector professionals in putting together creative, interactive learning experiences for students.

EdCompass, LLC

DietitianCE.com  is owned and operated by EdCompass, LLC. EdCompass is made up of a solid team of professionals dedicated to providing innovative CE solutions to licensed professionals all across the nation. Learn more about EdCompass at https://www.edcompassedu.com.